Why do you need Website Maintenance?

Be the go-to site

A website exist to serve its visitors. Uploading new data regularly maintains a steady rise in visitors who keeps coming back to check on something new on your site.Adding creative infographics or latest relevant content attract repeat visitors.

Stay Plugged-in!

Keep your products , services, solutions or features up-to date. Having new offers but if it's not listed on the site then your visitors will be unaware about it. And if you have offers on the site which are no longer active then it will upset your potential customer or sales.

Be Consistent

Search engines love websites that are regularly updated with quality & relevant content. These websites gain higher ranking and are presented in form of answers to the queries of the search engine users. So be at the top of game!

Work like a Charm

When you take proper care of your website, it works like a charm. It functions with ease and is friendly to the visitor with quick access to the images, solutions or the contact. Satisfied visitors are more likely to turn into your customers.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

For the overall functioning of your site its critical to keep it updated with the latest security patches & bug fixes. If a search engine detects a malware it will delist your site until it is fixed. Hackers target websites which are not active in updating their software. Advance by incorporating the technical changes.

Build Reputation

A website poorly maintained with insufficient data , or ignored errors will portray a very bad image of your business which will harm your brand. Hence timely checks of your website data, functions will build reliable image of your business which will boost your reputation.

Website Maintenance in a Nutshell

What we offer

Website Health Checkup

SEO Goa healthy website

To make your online business wealthy its important to maintain a healthy website. Its vital that the visitors understand your site and are easily able to access or view the product details. Bad or broken links, or irrelevant content hampers your website. The more smooth functioning your website the more likely you will gather potential customers for your online campaign. A thorough website checkup is conducted to identify the issues that affect site’s performance and the parts that needs to be fixed are prescribed.

Be in the Loop

SEO Goa website updates

Websites promote you 24/7. So having latest updates on website keeps your visitors informed about new offers on product or services. Announcing the latest launched product or an upcoming event on website attracts new visitors and draws existing customers regularly to your website. Well organised, readable content engages with the visitors interests. It's important that the visitors get information they are looking for.

Fix it

SEO Goa repairing website

Error prone functions will harm the quality and appearance of your website. The malicious code renders your website vulnerable. Hence, getting rid of the bugs is top priority and protect your visitors devices. Also, unfixed bugs or malfunctioning code suggests to the search engine that quality isn't important to you. Which will delist you from the results page, and subsequently your website might get banned.


SEO Goa fixing broken links

Your website represents your corporate image. Improperly maintained websites with broken links, dead pages and incomplete information will degrade your online business. We routinely examine the website layout to identify the issues that needs attention. Grammar correction on pages, fixing the dead links, and repairing the pages are necessary to keep up with the online competition.

Testing the feed

SEO Goa testing Website

Make sure all the blocks of your website are well organised and smoothly functions for the visitors. Because every visitor arrives on your website for a specific purpose. They might just want to know about your offers, products or place an order. Whatever their reason may be they should be able to achieve it quickly. Easy access requires all the buttons, pages, links to be working properly. Routine tests are done to ensure that the visitors get all details to accomplish their goal and are able to contact you for business.

Safe & Sound

SEO Goa secured website

No matter how big or small your business is, keeping it safe is very crucial. If you’re website is vulnerable then hackers can easily get into it and steal confidential data that will wreak havoc in your system. Unsecured websites puts your business as well as your customers’ personal information at risk. If your website crashes then you will loose on your potential customers and return of investment will decline. Therefore, securing your website and its customers’ details should be your top-priority.

Search Engines

SEO Goa search engine

Websites are basically maintained for search engines which is the main source for visitors seeking answers to their queries. Having outdated, irrelevant content on website makes it rank lower in search engines. Its important that search engines crawl your website to drive in traffic.But older the content the less worth it holds for search engines. Frequent updates are necessary to rank higher in listings for your business. Being lower than your competitors will incur loss for your leads, sales.

Website Backups

SEO Goa website backup

Backups are extremely important. Data can be lost due to an error or bad updates, so its critical to maintain a backup to quickly restore your website. Having copy of files can be very useful incase of malware attack or if a file gets erased accidentally its equivalent copy minimize the time of recovery. With backups your website can restore quickly and go about its everyday business. Regular backups are done to ensure that the data is never compromised.


  • Basic
  • $ 15 / month
  • Updating pages
  • Formatting pages
  • Update text
  • Update images
  • Proofing & Spell checking
  • Updates to the website
  • Testing updates on the live site
  • TAT(Working days): 5-7 days
  • On site meeting: 1 per year
  • Sign Up
  • Pro
  • $ 30 / month
  • Updating & Formatting pages
  • Update text, images & website
  • Proofing & Spell checking
  • Testing updates on the live site
  • Fixing & Testing broken links, web-forms
  • Internal link analysis
  • Update sitemap.xml & robots.txt
  • TAT(Working days): 3-5 days
  • On site meeting: 1 per year
  • Sign Up
  • Premium
  • $ 150 / month
  • Meta tag, Image Optimization
  • W3C Validation
  • URL renaming & redirects
  • Competitive Analysis & Keyword update reports
  • Robot.txt file creation,Custom 404 error page setup
  • Integrating Google search console, Analytics
  • Monthly website backup
  • TAT(Working days): 3 days
  • On site meeting: 2 per year
  • Sign Up

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Targets are met by our dedicated team who are quick in executing strategies/plans. Instant impacts are brought about by our experts.

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