Why do we need SEO?

Over 60% first time Visitors

Most of the visits to a website occur as a result of a search. Getting your website at or close to the top of search engine results is most effective marketing that a company can do.

Enhance Product Awareness

Having relevant information on your website will increase your reputation in search engines. Providing valuable information about your products & services will expand business potential globally to the visitors.

Pre-Qualified Business Leads

Quality of traffic i.e the visitors that arrive as result of search are pre-qualified. As they are already looking at products & services your company offers.

Cost-effective marketing

Advertising that presents itself as a search result, is now bigger than banner ads. Productive traffic as a result of SEO helps businesses incost-savings.

Search Engine Marketing has higher ROI

Most of internet users expect Web to be the provider of answers to simple queries, and search engine marketing is a very effective non-interruption information source as online users want info without ads.

Long-lasting impacts

Potential clients can access your services anytime anywhere, all year long. Being in top search results increases your reputation and reliability. User-friendly content boosts quality traffic and rise in your sales.

Affordable SEO Services in Goa

Website Audit

SEO Website Audit Goa

Our skilled SEO experts will do website traffic analysis, identify the areas which could be improved in order to boost website traffic. A complete website analysis is important to understand as to why the website is not performing in terms of search engine visibility & sales. We make recommendation for changes to the content, code and any other issues that affect the site’s performances.

Html Coding Validation & Correction

SEO Services Goa Html Coding Validation

Search Engine website crawler prefer W3C standards with respect to HTML coding standards. If a website has been made on the basis of the w3c standard, it positively influences the search engine rankings. HTML validation promises quality and ensures that different web browsers interprete your HTML coding correctly. Valid HTML improves website accessibility for differently abled visitors who use screen readers for interpretation.

Content Optimization

SEO Optimization Goa

For website traffic it is crucial to know what your prospects are searching. Skilled SEO content writers at RedLook does SEO optimisation to enhance the keyword density on the pages that need it. We work to improve the relevancy, creating engaging content for your site that increases your popularity in seo ranking. The content for website is userful in getting the website visitor traffic interested in your services. Which further results in leads for your sales.

Competitors' analysis

SEO Competitors analysis Goa

Competitor analysis is required for assessing your competitors' strengths & weaknesses which helps to understand the online market for your products, services. It includes study of the on page optimization and off page seo factors of the competitor’s website to help in knowing how the competitor is fairing on the search engines (specified by the client). This helps you compare the standards of your online visibility with your competitors website.

Image Optimization

SEO Image Optimization in Goa

All websites should comply with W3C standards and regulations for making sites accessible for people with hearing, motor or visual disabilities. In order for website accessibility, every image on the page should have an ALT tag that describes the image exactly, and also repeats any text if it is in that image. image optimization in seo involves optimizing the sizes of the images for website so that they will load pages faster.

Key Phrase Identification

Keyword Optimisation in Goa

Using our powerful seo keyword tool RedLook analyses your suggested key phrases to identify keyword search volume and competitiveness. Based on this keyword research you can then decide on the set of key phrases that will bring your site more awareness. RedLook will thoroughly research the relevant keywords and competitiveness in order to settle on a target that will bring in relevant website traffic.

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Reports and Data

Redlook will monitor your search engine optimization success with regular monthly(or weekly) reports on your website traffic, keyword ranking and conversion data.

SEO ranking reports

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your SEO campaign. These comprehensive SEO report show how well you rank on search engines for your targeted keyphrases.

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Competitor Monitoring Reports

We study your competitor along with your business. Keep tab on how your competition is faring! This helps you to compare the standards of your online visibility with your competitors.

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Link Popularity Reports

We will send you SEO analysis report as to where the links to the website has been submitted every 7 business days.

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